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Hilary’s Ideal Clients:

Young Adult

Once leaving the nest (your parents’ house/life after high school), you have the whole world ahead of you. You want your life to be great and to enjoy what you are doing and who you are doing it with and for some reason, life isn’t working out that way. In these young adult/young professional years, you are becoming more frustrated and unhappy in your current life situation. You may want to find a group of friends, understand your path in life, find a partner, what to a better job and is still trying to sort out life. Feelings of loneliness, feeling lost, frustrated, depressed, anxious about life and the unknowns ahead. Your relationships may be a challenge as you navigate the world of roommates, friends and significant others. Learning how to communicate and be in healthy relationships with others can help improve your season of life. You continue to have big questions and not a lot of answers. You may have a faith that you are pressing into for direction and answers which may or may not be helping. Discovering what your life is now as you navigate the real world and all the pressures and realities of life. Life is frustrating and you want a space to come to while you work out your thoughts and gain direction and stability as you grow in confidence.


Relationships are wonderful and life giving and also challenging and draining at the same time. Learning how to communicate and understand each other can help you engage in your relationships better. May it be a romantic relationship (partner, spouse, fiancé) or a platonic relationship (familial, friends, roommates) relationships take energy and effort. Learning the dance, knowing that sometimes you step on toes or have your toes stepped on. The lack of communication is frustrating and aggravating. Not feeling understood in a situation or able to articulate your thoughts and emotions in a way that is received well by the other party creates a rift between the two of you which only makes you want to turn away from the relationship. You become shut down and cold to trying to communicate and make this relationship work. The other side if it may be that you will continue to want to try for this relationship to have resolve but the other person is shutting you out of the healing process. Throughout time, the relationship changes and your heart becomes calloused to the mini-hurts that have happened. Your relationship is flat and you’ve come to accept what it is without much fight or energy to put into it. You feel defeated as though there is nothing else you can do, it is what it is.
Learning how to engage in healthy conversations and interactions will help you grow as an individual as well as in your relationships.


Your faith is strong and you believe in God’s power and ability. Yet, you are frustrated and uncertain about what lies ahead with your life. Making sense of how your life has unfolded to this point may be a point of defeat and yet you want to believe that God has good things for you. It’s difficult for you to find comfort in your faith, even though this is what you ‘know’ you are ‘supposed’ to do.

Mission Statement:

“Inspiring people to visualize a better future and initiate action that results in growth.”

Hilary Maxwell, MA, earned her Bachelors in Communications from Chapman University and Masters in Counseling Psychology from the University of Denver and is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Board Certified Coach. For the past 6 years, Hilary has worked individually and with groups with adolescents and adults as a coach and counselor in a goal setting, forward thinking approach to life situations.

Hilary helps people define and accomplish their life objectives. She works with people in various life transitions, as they restore identity, grow in confidence and move forward with purpose. Hilary shares her expertise and experience by working individually with people and through publishing, speaking engagements, presentations and workshops.

Her purpose is to help others find and excel in their purpose. She works through Solution-Focused, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, empowering the client to set goals and will journey alongside to provide the support needed to achieve. Hilary’s work draws from Christian principles and beliefs. With respect to each person’s own core beliefs in a higher power, Hilary works with people from various faith backgrounds and works with each client up to the level of their own comfort with regards to faith.

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