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April 2017-Introduction

In my life the biggest decisions I’ve made have come with great clarity. I’m  a Libra. .. and if you believe what the charts say.. .  decision making comes hard for us. We are good at seeing all sides of situations. This is a great trait to have, especially if you are a licensed therapist like myself. But, when it comes to trying to make decisions in my life, I can get tripped up by what is commonly known as “analysis paralysis.” But let me get back to my first remark. Over time I’ve learned to accept this about myself and trust that when something is right, it’s right. Indecision, fear, the back and forth of should I or shouldn’t I disappears and I just know.

Such was the case in regards to taking on this endeavor as the Counseling Caddie. For years I’ve felt a need to take on a project that was creative and utilized the things that I’ve learned in this field, from my training, conversations with my clients and going through life.  Over the years I tried a number of things from consultation, to working in the hospital to teaching and supervision. All were fabulous experiences that I would never say didn’t help me to become a stronger and more experienced and knowledgeable clinician. But all lacked the kind of passion that I recently found in this idea to be the Counseling Caddie. read more


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